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The finished LIVE ART painting


On 17th August 2019 at 7.30pm at the Coach House Theatre, Grange Road, Malvern, Phil Ironside produced a 2.4m x 1.5m painting live in front of an audience. He had long been toying with the idea of painting as a performance art and this was his first (never been done before by him) one man show to share the incredible energy that he brings to his paintings and to bounce off a live audience. There was no preparation or pre-planning, it was truly without a safety net.

The event was a resounding success. The energy and interaction with the audience was fun, dramatic and tense at times as the painting took shape.


Phil Ironside has been creating and painting all his life. His work derives from perceiving the constant interactions we make with our external and internal landscapes, how we are affected by our environment and how we affect it.

In 2017 he produced a painting a day, in 2018 he painted one a month and now in 2019 he is painting one a day again but in 5 minutes or under.


From July 1st there will be an exhibition in the Barry Jackson room of the Coach House Theatre. The room is open during performances and when the Coach House (www.coachhousetheatre.co.uk) is open and can be viewed privately by contacting Phil Ironside on 01684-561495.

The paintings are from the 'Painting a month' series done during 2018 plus several larger pieces from the vignette series. These vignettes are little fragments out of his field of vision which are put together to form the basis of the painting.

EXHIBITION - Malvern Science Park

From 1st October there will be an exhibion of work from 2018 A Painting a Month series at the Malvern Hills Science Park.

2020 A Painting a Month calendar now available

The images are taken from the 2018 A Painting a Month series.

Price £12 plus £1.20 p+p

A future exhibition of the 'A Painting a Day' series from 2017 is being planned and information will be released when the dates and venue have been confirmed. A further exhibition of the 2019 series is planned in 2020.


Why not book a LIVE ART event for your birthday, wedding, charity or corporate occasion.


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